estoy recordando, estoy recordando…

in 48 hours, more or less, i’ll be back in NY for the week. so much has happened since the last time i set foot on US soil, and it’s only been 6 months. reallyreallytruly, i did not think so much could be learned, earned and destroyed in such little time. and the next time i’ll be going home? i don’t know…things keep changing. whenever i finish teaching here i’m still headed for colombia and central america, but i’m not exactly sure when that will be. i see things on blogs, and flickr and facebook that sometimes make me uneasy about my eventual move back to the states, and i find myself fantasizing about a simple life in the dominican republic.

it’s the consumerism i can’t handle, the ignorant wealth (which exists everywhere, really, but is especially rampant in the US). it has always bugged me… and it really started to get to me after i started observing and working in inner-city schools back in the states. and obviously since coming here (and having witnessed and experienced even greater disparity) my feelings have only worsened, become more extreme. i really honestly have no idea where i belong, and i wonder if everyone feels like this and just plants themselves somewhere, or if these feelings will pass with time and knowledge acquired, or if they’re actually legitimate. i suppose it doesn’t matter. i’m not going just yet, so i have time to try and figure this all out.

(though i probably never will).

ok! hasta la proxima vez…

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