uninteresting little update

i have decided i will go to colombia. this weekend i had the lovely opportunity to see cloud forest, the amazon rainforest, and the frozen, glacier-topped peak of ecuador’s highest volcano (and the point farthest away from the center of the earth), and remembered that i want to come back here. if i do and see everything now, i won’t have anything to look forward to. plus, i’ve been working my butt off for the opportunity to travel a bit. i’ve chosen two places in ecuador i must see before i leave, and the rest can wait for my eventual return, under whatever circumstances it may be. however, my travel itinerary in colombia has changed, both the reduce stress and the reduce costs. i am a poor lady and i’d love to see the caribbean, but it’s simply too far and too expensive at the moment. i’ll see it someday, but as for colombia goes, my heart rests in coffee country anyways, so there i shall go, also medellin, bogota, and a few pueblitos (little towns) along the way. i am happy and lucky. photos from my gorgeous weekend away soon!


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