home + away

having been away so long, having had nothing so long, living in other people’s spaces for so long… i want things, i want something or someplace that is mine (at least, you know, for a year). i don’t want a lot, and i don’t need a big space, but i need to create myself a little home. i am all for the herman hesse philosophy, that home resides within the heart, within yourself… but i think that philosophy can be understood as also listening to what your heart wants. for a long time my heart wanted to wander, wanted to be alone and learn and discover. and i did that. and, while i’m not done doing that, i am ready for a singular place, now. however, i mustn’t over-indulge in buying things (teacups, coffee maker, bike, boots, you know…) because i know it won’t be long before the unknown (UK/denmark to visit cute babies & dear friends summer 2012??) begins to call my name again. i’m not sure what the future brings, but i know i will always be coming and going, and that if i’m going to keep doing that, i need to make myself a home some place where i can always return to. i have dear friends scattered all over the united states, and a handful in south america and europe as well… so home will not be where all my friends are, rather, where i simply feel most at ease.

so… cheers to that! 5 days till i set foot on US soil… and there are so many things i thought i’d never miss.
PS: and being that my life will be easier and less crazy and complicated, i’ll have more energy to dedicate to art and writing projects… many of which are already in batter-form… so i’ll be blabbering on about more… solid stuff come summer 🙂

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